We are a community of people passionately serving God [MINISTRY], growing in our love for Him [WORSHIP] and for others [FELLOWSHIP] – The Great Commandment, Matthew 22

Reaching out [EVANGELISM] to the whole family with the hope of Jesus, teaching them [DISCIPLESHIP] how to live as fully devoted followers of Him – The Great Commission, Matthew 28




We dream of a community that reflects the same kind of dynamics that marked the first church in Acts 2, where people experienced such a powerful transformation by the love of Christ and the indwelling of His Holy Spirit that they could not go back to their old way of life… where our lives are lived in passionate commitment to the goal of reaching Maryborough and beyond, especially those we readily connect with at work, home or school.


We dream of a community where the awe of God is everywhere, and we are continually overwhelmed with His goodness… where people are actively and passionately engaged in prayer and praise in every aspect of their lives… of a multigenerational  community celebrating God in 21st century ways while continuing to value our heritage.


We dream of a church family where people experience deep friendship, truly walking together through the good times and the bad, sharing love, acceptance, hope and life… where we are committed to doing life together, as we meet in one another’s homes throughout the week.


We dream of a community where people  are hungry to learn more about God and to become more like Jesus… where lives are changed and wholeness restored… where the spirit of generosity is evident as we manage God’s resources wisely.


We dream of a place where everyone is discovering their spiritual gifts and becoming active in serving one another and the community… where gifted leaders mobilize teams of equipped people who are passionate about accomplishing great things for God!



Please visit our National Church Website for a summary of our beliefs.